Thread #125: What to do when someone says “I have a word for you from God.”

“I have a word for you from God…”  Are these the words of a crazy person, a busybody, or a true messenger of God sent to bring comfort, guidance and encouragement to you?  How can you know? What is the proper response if someone approaches you with such a word?  This episode of Thread takes us into the everyday life of the first Christians to see how differently they perceived such things.  Through Paul’s repeated encounters with people who give him words of personal prophecy, we can see five key responses to a spiritual messenger.

The text of this episode of Thread (Acts 21.1-14) gives us a clear picture of how much early Christian people consciously walked in the Spirit. Early Christianity was a Pentecostal Spirit movement, the same type of movement that is spreading today throughout China, Latin America and Africa. All over the world and through centuries of Christian history, personal words of predictive prophecy have been a common occurrence in Christian fellowships that seek to be connected to the Holy Spirit and to each other.  Tune in to this episode to learn more.



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Chuck Quinley
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