Thread with Dr. Chuck Quinley – Season 3

The Book of 2nd Corinthians : Discovering the Power of a Ministering Life

Thread is a podcast for Christians in leadership in the family, education, ministry, or the marketplace. It’s a solid Bible study from a seasoned husband, father of six, church-planter and media producer who has spent his life in Asia seeking to be part of bringing God’s light there. Each Thread moves steadily through God’s Word, verse-by-verse revealing wisdom and encouragement to guide us as agents of change in our generation.

We’re diving deep into the book of 2 Corinthians to learn about ministry from the most influential Christian in the first 300 years of our history as a movement.  The Apostle bears his soul in this ultra-transparent letter. You’ll discover the difference between human status and spiritual authority and learn principles that can guide you for the rest of your life as a spiritual leader and care giver for others.

Now, join us for Thread, Season 3!