Thread Season 3 Episode 8 : How to read the Bible to give life

How to read the Bible to give life? This is a question we all need to find the answer to, especially as ministers. And the answers are the result of two opposing goals set by people who minister God’s word to others. One of these paths unlocks people as God’s truth pierces the darkness in their mind. Truth sets them free and they begin to experience transformation through hearing the word of God.  The other path, and it’s hard to even conceive of this, actually:

  • Wounds them
  • Brings them into bondage
  • Causes their own conscience to go hyper and attack them relentlessly and then
  • Leaves them with a closed mind for the rest of their lives

Just because we believe the truth of the Bible and have our doctrine straight doesn’t mean that we will minister God’ word to others for their benefit.

You may be wounding people through your ministry in a sincere effort to do your job as a minister of God.  Listen carefully today to the signs of a ministry that wounds and make sure your ministry doesn’t unintentionally bruise others.

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