Thread Season 3 Episode 31: Takeaways From our Season in 2 Corinthians, Part 1

It’s like we’ve been on this long hike up a set of hills and have finally come to the peak. Time to sit a while, open the canteen, break out some food and enjoy the view from here. In the past 30 episodes we have walked with the Apostle Paul, a ministry pioneer in evangelism, pastoral care, apologetics, church planting, leadership development and discipleship. He has shared his heart, so transparently, about his experience in living a life of ministry. He has established his theology, life vision, and has shared with us some of the principles that have helped him to succeed in planting churches across the ancient world in a time of persecution and great testing.

Join me as I do a high altitude flyover to see the main peaks of insight in this amazing book of 2 Corinthians, the book about life in ministry.

Thanks for walking with me for so many weeks, now. I hope you have enjoyed this season as much as I have. We have one final episode, then we’ll be back in a few months with a new podcast format.  You can help us build the podcast you need by clicking here and answering a few survey questions. I will personally read each of these surveys.  Your feedback means that much to me.  Thanks again!  CQ



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Chuck Quinley
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