Thread Season 3 Episode 30: Six Essentials for a Healthy Church

Today, the real battle is not church growth, financial growth or personal growth.  It’s church health, financial health and personal health. Healthy things grow. That’s just what they do.

Health isn’t something you do. It’s a state of well-being and alignment, the place of balance where everything works as it should. Finding that balance and working to maintain it is a leader’s core job.

In this final verse by verse study from the book of 2 Corinthians, we look at Paul’s summary list of the 6 Essential Elements in every healthy Christian community.

Focus on the essentials and watch the natural health of your small group, church or ministry grow.

If you feel out of balance personally, these same principles will help you find the place of optimal personal health on a spiritual and relational level.

Learn more in this week’s Thread podcast.



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Chuck Quinley
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