Thread Season 3 Episode 28: Why Ministry is for Grown Ups

Parenting is one of the most meaningful undertakings in anyone’s life.  It has moments of glory. Days of routine and some of the deepest trials you can ever experience as an adult. In the end it’s more than worth it and the journey alone makes life more worthwhile.

Ministering to others is something like that. God introduces himself to us as our Father so it follows that those who work with Him in taking care of his children would be engaged in something like parenting.

Parenting well is a selfless commitment.  You put the other person first in all ways and endeavor to use your relationship to build them up. In this episode of Thread we hear from one of the great spiritual father’s of all times, the Apostle Paul, whose ministry was marked by a passionate and selfless commitment to the growth of others, even if they don’t always appreciate the efforts you take at the time.

Take on a long-term ministry mindset and learn a way of thinking about ministry that will protect you from burn out.



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Chuck Quinley
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