Thread Season 3 Episode 27: Why Pain is the Key to Greater Things

If you could have Mozart’s musical ability and write music that would bless the world for 200 years—but you had to become deaf as he was, would you do it?

If you could have the power to lay hands on others and remove Parkinson’s disease from them and you would help thousands in this way—but you had to receive Parkinson’s yourself and suffer all it’s indignities, would you?

In this Thread Paul talks about the supernatural gifts of God that come by grace to all of us, gifts of power for ministry to set others free and he links these gifts to a pain we struggle with personally.

Our status comes from our success, but our ability to minister to others comes from how deeply we have come to face and process the wounds inside of us—old wounds and fresh ones.  That’s where the power lies.



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Chuck Quinley
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