Thread Season 3 Episode 24: Do you have spiritual authority or just status?

Status impresses people. That’s what it’s for. We can all get a little status in our circle if we work for it.  You just have to appear to have competed and won.   Give the perception of wealth. Mention people of status that you know. Work to gain awards and recognition and land a position with an impressive title. Basically status is business class if you can afford it or wrangle it with points somehow :-).  My view is that we should all do all that we can with our lives and that will get us many benefits, one of which is a measure of status and the benefits that go with it.

But human status has nothing to do with spiritual authority. God’s work won’t succeed without His power and authority and He gives his authority to his chosen representatives who may also have status (or not).

What’s the difference between status and authority and how do you know if you have the true spiritual authority or just status? Tune in to this episode of Thread and find out as we explore 2 Corinthians 10.7-18.

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Chuck Quinley
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