Thread Season 3 Episode 23: Seeing Spiritual War in a Whole New Way

In this episode of Thread, we look at the very real phenomenon of spiritual resistance.

Try to do something new and creative and you’ll encounter spiritual resistance inside your mind (procrastination, self-defeating thoughts) and in the outside world as well as things just seem to push against you from every side.

If you set your life’s purpose on making progress in:

1. Moving the world to a better place through some new initiative

2. Creating anything of beauty and inspiration in the world of art, music, media or literature

3. Leading others to Jesus and into the new life he offers

You will encounter resistance.

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance,” writes Steven Pressfield in The War of Art, his seminal book on the creative process.

If you want to make progress you must wage war.  Paul saw the troubles in Corinth as just another example of the battles that are necessary to enter a place of darkness and proclaim the Lordship of Jesus and declare his authority over that place and all the people in it.

All of our social estates: government, religion, the press, business/banking system, entertainment, education/the world of academia—all these systems have been invaded by dark, anti-Christ spiritual forces that use the power and influence of these citadels against the Kingdom of God.  That’s the reality.

The good news is that we have been given a case of spiritual weapons, forged by God himself. These weapons have divine authority to demolish strongholds and take every thought captive until we live with the mind of Christ with our lives fully aligned with God’s will for us and for the world.

This lesson has so much spiritual meat in it and you’ll see the spiritual war in a whole new way.

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Chuck Quinley
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