Thread Season 3 Episode 22: The vision of money

Ever seen one of those TV shows where someone gives a poor waitress a $100 tip and she goes to tears and tells this story about needing this money to keep the electricity on for her children in their tiny apartment?  Do you wish you could be a person who could do things like that for others?  You already are, and in this Thread, God wants you to catch His vision for your life.

He’s the King of all the Earth and if you are His child, then that makes you a prince/princess. Walk with the Father on the high road and He will let you deliver supplies from Him to others who need them.

Learn more about the blessed life in this episode of Thread.



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Chuck Quinley
  • wade
    Posted at 11:53h, 09 August Reply

    Thank you Pastor Chuck, perfect timing for me!!! I have been struggling with my faithfulness towards God in the last year. Sarita and I always evaluate our giving every year and see where we can give more and two years ago we increased our giving by a hefty percentage and not within a few months we lost a thousand a month in my retirement due to some Obama deal. I did not sweat it much because I know God’s word and I knew He would cover it.

    Well that was two years ago and He has yet to cover it and we are just about at the bottom of our savings. On top of that we have been hit with some expensive repairs around the house and that is causing me to not be so happy with God right now! But even with all those losses Sarita was able to save money from school so we were able to cover the unexpected repairs and we are still giving and hosting people. Praise God!

    Even though God has not replaced our income yet I know He will because He wants us to help others, it gives Him pleasure to do so! Your podcast was right on time for me and a huge encouragement that I needed to hear! I really mean that! It blessed me and reinvigorated me to give more and to live as a Prince! I love that analogy! Thank you so much for being a great teacher of His word! Love you!

    • Chuck Quinley
      Posted at 17:14h, 19 August Reply

      Thanks Wade for writing this! Very encouraging. I’m expecting God to supply bread for you to eat and seed for you to sow now and till the day you meet him face to face.

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