Thread Season 3 Episode 21: Handling Other People’s Money in Ministry

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone else gave you a big pool of money and told you to use it for to make the world a better place? How would you invest it? Then again wouldn’t your world be a better place with a new iPhone? You could use it to take pictures of the stuff you were doing with the money, right? Then there’s the need to travel a bit to see what the needs might be. I wonder how much would be ok to spend on that? While you are traveling on ministry, you might as well take some personal time off too. How do you distinguish between personal and ministry expenses, then?

So now you start helping people. How do you decide whom to help? What kind of help will you give? How much help should you give? It gets complicated pretty fast.

In this lesson, we think about the opportunity, responsibility, and danger associated with handling other people’s money in a position of trust.

Money is at least volatile, if not charged with dark spiritual energy. You would expect Jesus to say, “Avoid money,” but he doesn’t. He says take unrighteous mammon and force it to do God’s work. And that’s not a small thing to manage, but it can be done with careful attention to detail as we learn through the example of the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 8.



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