Thread Season 3 Episode 20: An abundant life has 5 secrets!

This is our third lesson about money from 2 Cor. 8: 8-15 , and we’ll talk about an abundant life.

1. Episode 18 was about changing perspective.

We need to undergo a posture change from being a person of need in a world of lack to “I am a member of the royal family, I live under the protection and provision of the creator or heaven and earth and He has chosen me to be a source of blessing for hundreds of others.”

Yet making many rich” is the key 2 Corinthians verse behind all Kingdom ministry.

2. In Episode 19 we began to learn about the Poverty of Christ and what it provides to us materially.

Christ becoming poor for us allows us to change places with him and enter into a permanent state of guaranteed provision. God hooks us up to two separate systems:

First, the normal Money system for the world which is fairly predictable. It rewards hard work, smart work, networking, planning, all those good human traits that we do well to develop. God’s grace is upon us to prosper and we generally do prosper if we follow the discipleship teachings of Jesus. (Redemption and Lift).

However, sometimes the money system breaks down, the economy shrinks or misfortune knocks you out of competition in the money system or we go through a season of persecution and lose it all or we make a mistake or have bad habits etc. etc.

Then there’s this life support system: the manna system. You’ll never get rich on the manna system. That’s not its purpose. It won’t allow you to have more than enough. What it IS however, is the promise of ENOUGH. If you are walking with God in obedience you can have the comfort of knowing that the manna system is out there for you. Millions and millions of people have a clear testimony of supernatural provision to insure their basic life needs. So, be comforted and have courage that if God calls you to do something for Him and you know that’s what he wants from you…and you can’t figure out how you’re going to have money to live and support your family if you obey him and do what He tells you to do… that’s when the Manna system kicks in.

It’s like the Manila Peninsula Hotel in the 1990’s and their amazing backup generators. Manila was suffering under sweltering summer heat with a power blackout 12+ hours every day, but if you could get to the Manila Pen, they had a backup system that never failed.

Manna is not a primary support system.  It is an always-on backup system 24/7 and, as Paul reminded the Corinthians in retelling the story of Israel in the wilderness, it can run flawlessly for 40 years without stopping if it has to. We never need to worry about provision if we are obeying God’s instructions for our lives.

The manna system is based on grace and it’s there to build trust.

3. Today’s lesson is about how those two truths are supposed to affect the way we live every day as God’s ambassadors to the world and as his children in a foreign land. Since we have this eternal allowance from God to live on it should really make us different from those who don’t yet know him, especially in regard to how we handle material wealth.

Listen to this week’s Thread to learn — 5 Secrets to Living Abundantly.

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