Thread Season 3 Episode 17: Are any of my relationships compromising me?

Thread is God’s word, tying together all the pieces of your life as a person in ministry, whether its informally or as a vocation.  It’s a gathering place for believers who want to learn from God’s word about how to minister more effectively.   In Season 3 we are moving through 2 Corinthians, the book about the ministry.

Today’s Thread covers chapter 6:14-7.1 and the topic of how important your friendships are in your spiritual development–or to your downfall as a person if you aren’t discerning about who you become “tied up” with in business, club memberships, hangout friends or the highest relationship of all, our marriage partner.  Learn more in this episode of Thread with Dr. Chuck Quinley.

A personal message from Chuck:

Hey, would you please do me a favor and…  Click here for a quick listener survey .  I really want to understand what you are going through right now in your journey and how I might be better able to address these issues in future episodes of Thread.  Thanks!!! –Chuck

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Chuck Quinley
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