Thread #83: How the coming persecution will fuel mission

Afraid of persecution?  As a child growing up in church I shuddered to imagine all the things a persecutor could do to me as a believer.  In my adult life in Asia I have met many who have gone through imprisonment and beatings for Christ’s sake.  They are strong people.  Their persecution forced them to dig deeper than “bless me Lord” in their walk with Christ.  We have much to learn from them and from the biblical record of the first organized persecution of Christianity.  An average of 250,000 have given their lives annually in direct persecution  events around the world.  It is hardly reported in the secular press.

Jesus said that a global persecution is coming upon the church along with an unstoppable global expansion in the numbers of those who follow as his disciples.   We need to prepare our minds for this and allow the pressures we feel from our cultures to force us to find our foundation in God and to find more effective ways to engage society with the gospel.



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Chuck Quinley
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