Thread #63: Taking Up the Mantle of Jesus

Acts is the second half in a two-part history written by Luke on Jesus and his followers as they spread across the ancient world.  Some call Luke’s the “Charismatic gospel” because Luke is keen to show the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Jesus: born by a miracle of the Holy Spirit, called by the Spirit, filled with the Spirit, Guided by the Spirit, Empowered to prophesy and heal by the Holy Spirit, filled with boldness to confront wickedness wrapped in religion and even strengthened by the Holy Spirit to face death on the cross, then raised by the Spirit back to eternal physical life.

Acts records the transfer of mission from Christ as God’s only representative on earth, to his disciples as God’s representatives, anointed with the same calling and spiritual authority through the Holy Spirit.  The early church received what Jesus received so they could do what Jesus had done.  This is our legacy also.  Learn more on this week’s Thread podcast.



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Chuck Quinley
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