Thread #62: Acts: Returning to the prototype of the Church

Our new study , the book of Acts is important because it gives us a journal of the earliest attempt to live out the teachings of Jesus–the prototype. This group understood Christ’s teachings the best because they actually knew him and had heard him teach in person.   I am certain this has happened in Christianity.  On the one hand we have the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus recorded in the gospels.  On the other hand we have a thing called Christianity which is the combination of the religion about Jesus plus culture.

It exists in Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic, Protestant, Evangelical and Pentecostal versions. You have Mennonites and the Amish. Monks and Priests. Temples and churches worshipping in gymnasiums.  Each will give you their defense of why their version is correct.  What I want to make certain is that I am following the way of Jesus.  As hard as it is to do, I want to try to strip away what has grown to be Christianity and get back to the original germ of the movement.



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Chuck Quinley
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