Thread #53: What to do When the Legal System Is Used as a Weapon

Even something as pure in intention as the justice system can be used by the powerful to crush the innocent.  Lawsuits, public humiliation through well-timed arrests, the seizure of assets or even one’s children–these have often been used by governments throughout the ages against the people of God. In the Soviet Union, Christian parents were deemed mentally unfit because they held to a belief in God.  Their beloved children were stripped away and placed in state orphanages unless their parents would recant.  God’s people have often been persecuted in our own generation.  In fact, over 100,000 Christians a year lose their lives through persecution according to statistician David Barrett. What should a Christian do when faced with legal harassment? When the outcome is fixed even before the trial, where can you find strength and hope?



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Chuck Quinley
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