Thread #16: Filled with Self-Pity or Filled with Faith?

Every life knows stress and anxiety. We all encounter setbacks and times when everything seems to be working against us. These events are the defining moments in our lives. Some people allow themselves to habitually slip into powerlessness and self-pity, questioning God and blaming others for their problems. They choose to see personal challenges as tragedies and cry out, “Why me!?” In these same circumstances, however, champions arise, controlling their emotions and choosing to think and speak thoughts of faith and trust in God. They expect that ultimately all things will turn and work together for them because they are the children of God. Summoning up their energy, they confront their problems with authority and emerge victorious on higher ground. Need a lesson on this? Check out this week’s Thread and learn from Jesus, the Master of Storms.



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Chuck Quinley
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