Thread #133: Walking with God Through a Time of Physical Peril

Remember Maslow’s “Five Levels” theory? In the West, we pretty much live at the most difficult level of all, self actualization, “being all that I can be in life”. This, of course, is impossible because there’s always a little bit more that we could be or some way we could improve, so most of us remain frustrated at our lack of perfection because, actually, this is more or less a godlike realm to live in.

But every now and then you will find yourself in a situation of real physical peril. By this I mean that you are facing danger to your body, the loss of your freedom or even of your life.

Your needs in these moments quickly move from “self-esteem” down to animal survival mode. This is horrifying but can also be liberating. These are clarifying moments because when there’s a flood and you are being swept away by the water, trying to claw your way onto a floating log, you suddenly realize that your credit card debt or being 15 pounds too heavy or having a little acne really isn’t that big of a problem.

Join us for this episode of Thread, drawn from Acts 27, the epic story of the Apostle Paul’s shipwreck at sea after surviving a 14 day story, to see a case study of how to walk with God through physical peril.



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Chuck Quinley
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