Thread #132: Witnessing to Big Shots

Can you imagine what you would do if you found yourself in a social situation where a senior government official was present and they turned to you and began a conversation that you realized was God’s open door for you to witness to them? In this episode of Thread we look at how the Apostle Paul handled this exact situation. He was a master spokesman for God to people of high position.

Here’s a bonus for you.

5 Steps to Evangelizing Big Shots

1. If such a meeting ever happens, know that its from God and for Him. Don’t be tempted to use the opportunity to get anything for your personal advantage.

2. Assume that this is your one shot to speak to them and that you’ll never get another chance.

3. Assume that they are open and searching spiritually. Otherwise, why would God have created the circumstances? Don’t be intimidated by their stature in society. They must be searching inside, so God has sent you.

4. Speak as a representative of God, not just you as a person. Be reasonable and try not to freak them out as a crazy person, but you are a messenger for God, primarily. Stay in that role. Encourage. Comfort. Invite them to come to him for healing and forgiveness.

5. Have the courage to call them to repentance.   Every evangelist’s message needs to include some form of, “God is reaching out to you today making the first move. Now, turn away from sin and turn toward God.”

That’s how the new life starts, not just by promising all the blessings. The scripture offers no opportunity for salvation without repentance. They have to turn from their life of sin to enter the blessed life with God. Check out this episode of Thread to see how Paul understood that. (That’s why the whole world isn’t automatically saved by the blood of Jesus which is powerful enough to save every single human.) Preach repentance and call men and women to repent and God will give you evangelistic fruit.



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