Thread #130: Should Christians Try to Convert People?

Christianity is an inherently evangelizing faith. Jesus said that if we are going to follow him we must be proud, not ashamed, of him and openly share with others what he has done in our lives. We do this in a sincere desire that those we meet will find forgiveness, cleansing, liberty, community–total life transformation just as we have. So, without apology, we engage others intentionally on Christ’s behalf whether it is PC or not. Some people come to Jesus easily. They’ve been searching and we meet them at just the right moment for them. Others require diligent effort and loving persuasion. They know they need to repent. They know its the right thing to do and that they will benefit but they linger, avoiding the price of repentance.

If we really love our friends we will be willing to engage them in spiritual discussion over time, earnestly pressing them to become reconciled with God through Christ. In this episode of Thread we’ll find Paul, “working on” the Roman governor of his province for two years, having extended conversations about what it means to be righteous, the responsibility of having free will and the certainty of judgment at the end of our earthly lives, either to an eternity of gracious reward or to one of eternal separation from light. The stakes are high. Love must fight tenaciously to win.



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Chuck Quinley
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