Thread #129 The Overlooked Power of Children and Youth

Children and pre-teens all over the world are engaged in undertakings generally reserved for adults. Some of these roles happen out of family necessity. Big sisters care for babies. Others put in a full days work on farms at harvest. Millions of kids work jobs after school each day, gaining valuable skills and experience to equip them to live independently.

While we would all want to see the hours for such labor limited and the places of work safe for kids, the point is that kids are far more capable than most people understand them to be.

Children are leaders of other children and their minds, especially in the 10-14 years are able to comprehend most of the things required of adults in life. Many kids at those ages are, in fact, very much adults because of their family situations.

This episode of Thread reminds us to look at the untapped potential to develop preteens in leadership and as disciples. In fact, the most fruitful age for evangelism is those younger than age 15. A full 80% of all conversions take place before the end of a person’s 14th year. Children and teens ARE the harvest field worldwide. Does your ministry invest 80% of its money, staff and energy in reaching and developing this age group as disciples? How much energy do you invest in this age group?

In this episode of Thread we see the important role of a young boy in thwarting an assassination on the life of the Apostle Paul. With no adult supervision this child spies on the killers, makes his way through the streets of Jerusalem, past the Roman guards and into the jail cell of Paul to warn him of the plan. Meet this courageous young man and see the potential of children as agents of Gospel change in their communities.



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Chuck Quinley
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