Thread # 128 When It’s Time to Stand Up For Your Rights

In ministry, and especially in missions work, we might not always have legal rights. Some nations and societies restrict the spread of the Gospel either by law or by physical intimidation. In those cases, we’ll be as careful as possible and just take any punishment that comes as an honor as representatives of Jesus.

Today’s Thread shows us how the Apostle Paul went  through this difficult situation, yet maintained his composure.

In other cases, however, you might actually be covered by the law and have legal protection afforded to you even if the local authorities seem bent on ignoring the law themselves. In this episode of Thread we’ll dig in to one of three times in the book of Acts where Paul invokes his legal rights as a Roman citizen to avoid physical damage that was about to be done to him.

The important less to take away from these cases is how cool-headed Paul is. He never whines, pleads or compromises on his beliefs. He also does not threaten, raise his voice or lower himself to the manner of his attackers. He keeps his poise and presents a reasoned, legal argument that wins the day in each instance. Learn more about how a leader behaves in times of great tension and conflict in this episode of Thread.



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Chuck Quinley
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