Thread #120: How to leave your ministry in an honorable way

Ever had to leave a group or ministry with which you had been deeply committed? It can be awkward, right? Today’s Thread is about leaving a relational and work circle you have been closely connected to because the Lord is calling you to do something new.

You may have even been the founder of the group, but seasons shift, we evolve and God calls us to new endeavors for Him. These are good reasons to leave a place of ministry, but there is a proper way to do it. I have witnessed the wounds caused by the manner in which a person’s departure from the circle has been handled either by themselves or by the group’s other leaders.

Here are some examples of failing to leave gracefully:
1. Abrupt “firings”
2. Sneaking away in the night
3. Undermining the group and its new leaders as you leave
4. Taking people with you when you leave
5. Staying on long after you have left in your heart, creating drag on the group

Sometimes we need to leave, even to preserve peace, but there is a proper way to do this AND if done well, the doors to friendship and collaboration remain wide open and the group or ministry is not hurt by your departure. Paul was a man of honor. He was careful to leave the ministry he founded in a strong position so that it continued to grow and prosper after he was gone. When he left there were tears of love all around and his relationships stayed strong until the day of his death.



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Chuck Quinley
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