Thread #114: Is it dangerous to be open to new truth?

Is it dangerous to be open to new truth? There is an old saying: “Your mind is like a parachute; it only works when it is open.” There is another saying that states, “If you open up your mind too much, your brains will fall out.” It seems that some Christians mindlessly drink whatever is set before them, blind to the creeping deceptions of this age.

Other Christians appear to live in such mortal fear of false teaching that they become narrow minded and bigoted to anything that smells like change. This has led to the death of so many of God’s true prophets down through the ages. Is it possible to keep your mind open to God’s fresh revelation while being equally diligent to protect yourself from false teachings that enslave the mind and the will. In this episode of Thread, with Chuck Quinley, find out what happens when mature Bible-loving Christians break the stereotype of religious narrow-mindedness and continue growing in their sincere faith in Jesus.



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Chuck Quinley
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