Thor has his hammer, Captain America, his shield.
You’ve got… what?
A cellphone? That’s right, and that’s all you need.
News giants like CNN recognized the power
of mobile filmmaking a decade ago with their iReport feature.
Since then, some of the most moving
news coverage has been filmed on a mobile phone.


Now, filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh are realizing
how capable this powerful little device is.
In 2019, S0derbergh filmed the movie High Flying Bird
(92% Rotten Tomatoes) completely on an iPhone.
When asked to go back to film,
Soderbergh replied it would be like
“writing scripts in pencil”.
It is not just filmmaking, though.
Social media connect nearly half of the planet to each other. 3.4 billion people have a social media account. We spend two and a half hours a day on it. The average 12 year old spends 20 hours a week on the internet. We’re more hungry for connection and information than ever.
If you want to move people to action, There has never been a better time than now to be alive.
Artists who take months to debut their work just can’t keep up with those who can post more and grow their following faster. You don’t need all that expensive equipment or the crew or the million dollar budget. You just need a clear message, a social media account, and the right tool to get the job done.


We can help you with all three in our 2-week Mobile Filmmaker course.
For over a decade, Medialight has trained students from across the globe to use media to reach and impact their world. Our students have become indie film producers in the US, Bollywood crew members, documentary filmmakers in terrorist-controlled jungles, ministry-sustaining media teams for non-profits and churches, and movement leaders in their home countries.
Other mission programs only show you how to go out as a missionary, I had to try to learn media on my own. Here, I can do both. – Tinsei @tinsei_fekadu
This is the most encouraging environment that I’ve ever been in where people are just for each other. – Charity @charityjack 
First of all, I love how Medialight is a ministry school focused on Media. With my bachelors in communication in media, I really wanted to improve the hands-on component. With the spiritual improvement that’s possible here and meeting people that think likewise, with the empty time you have for yourself and for God, you can grow and find your calling. Maybe it won’t be media, but you develop a skillset that you will need for everything in life nowadays. – Nick @nickvameron
What I appreciate about Medialight is the concept of weaving together fellowship, God, and the gifts we have to use it to translate God’s love to others. – Jessica @jezzart1993
I am thankful for the teachers. They’re so patient with us. I’m learning something new everyday. I’m very thankful for the God sessions. They’ve helped me see things clearly. – Naphi @_n4phi
I love my time at MediaLight learning media more in depth and being surrounded by a Christian community. I know this experience prepared me to be able to make videos for non-profits in the future. – Heather @Today_is_alive @thedashingdarlings
Medialight has brought me to a new level of excellence in my craft. My heart for world missions was ignited and doors have opened for me in the international arena. – Duane @Alduanem
I can point out a lot but I will say the most effective thing that MediaLight tought me is building the tribe that I serve for and serve with. The MediaLight school itself is a tribe, a family – and it gives me a model of what I have to seek for when it comes to community. – Darwin @darmedaru
MediaLight and its community, education, spiritual development and care is a cornerstone in the foundation of my current self. – Ross @rosssville
Filmmaking evolved in our 10 years, and we evolved with it. Our Mobile Filmmaker course is an action-packed 2-week intensive course that will boost your media production skills in a whole new field.


Rather than spending the summer on your couch with Netflix, spend it in the rugged mountains of Thailand with believers like you, learning to make beautiful things that matter.


Our unique program puts you in the middle of the action with hands-on projects from the very beginning. With our experienced staff, you’ll learn how to plan, shoot, and edit completely on your cellphone.


That’s not all, though.


You’ll leave with the communication skills to confidently take your place as a messenger for this digital generation. We’ll work with you to define your mission, clarify your message, and speak it boldly.


We do all these through our unique blend of personal communication, biblical, and media training. Throughout the two weeks, you’ll be with us on campus, we will be focused on making you into the most effective digital communicator you can be.


Thailand may seem far away, but tickets can be found these days for under $800 from the US if you book early. With a little over a day’s travel, you can be nestled into a bed of your own on our campus in the foothills of the Himalayas, right here in Northern Thailand.


Catch your breath beneath a thundering waterfall, feed elephants by hand, experience the many flavors of Thai cuisine, and discover a distinct hill tribe community, the adventure is yours to write.


A program like this might cost $4,500 elsewhere. Many one day workshops charge over $1,000 just to listen to a three-hour lecture and scribble on some worksheets. None of them holistically sharpen your potential as a Christian digital media communicator with hands-on training and a crew of seasoned instructors in a foreign context.


So how much would you pay for a 16-day media, spirituality, and personal communication program like this? $3,000? $5,000? $10,000? Worth every penny, but we understand where you are in life.


You’ve got enormous potential to shape the lives of those who will listen to and follow you, but you need to take those first steps.


We want to make this first step as easy and cost-efficient as possible.

That’s why our program only costs $1,850.

That’s for your food, housing, and the life-enriching training that you need to boost you through the summer and into your future. But… if you’re the in first 10 applicants to register, you qualify for our early bird discount of 10% off! That saves you $185! (*Discount will automatically be applied)


Don’t wait! Take advantage of these savings, and begin looking for your tickets to get the best deals possible. You’ll also nreceive a bonus opportunity to walk away with free stabilization and sound gear.

Apply now and become the messenger you were born to be.

Hurry, only 20 students are accepted into each program. Don’t lose your place! We can’t wait to meet you, to hear your story, and help you find your voice in this digital generation.

**NOTICE to students from developing nations. We are doing all we can to make the Medialight opportunity available to everyone. If you are sincerely interested in coming please write us at for an additional discount program only for students from developing nations.**