Thread Season 3 Episode 32: Why God needs you to re-write a person’s life

Let’s wrap up the Apostle Paul’s ministry to the Corinthians. Here we are, dear listeners, our last episode of Thread Season 3

Paul’s second letter to the church of Corinth give powerful lessons to someone who is called to live a life in ministry.  If you believe you are called by God to serve Him, it is good to start by reading Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. In this book, Paul tells us that one of the most powerful positions to take is the position of a servant.  If you understand it properly, a servant is really a change catalyst.

As a servant, you posses the ability to change people’s decisions, moods, feelings… or even re-write stories of their life! This is the servant’s ministry.

Sidewalk Ministry

Sidewalk Ministries

I remember a time (in the Philippines) when we were starting a ministry to a small impoverished community. We were a group of missionaries and we have determined to reach out to kids and young people who lived there. The environment was filled with so much dirt, junk, it was gloomy. It was certainly not an environment that will naturaly raise a champion.  Those kids were doomed to repeat their parents’ past. I knew, by looking at their eyes, their defeated future awaits.

But teenagers in blue shirts, Sidewalk Ministries, came in and started engaging these kids in the Name of Jesus. These blue-shirt missionaries talked, played, stayed and spent precious time with these children until they started believing for the better.

These children started seeing H-O-P-E.

Today, these children are the leaders of change.


Join me and let’s tie everything we’ve learned in the book of 2nd Corinthians!

This is Thread Season 3 Episode 32: Takeaways From our Season in 2 Corinthians, Part 2


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