We’re media missionaries
and we’re here to recruit you.

Please note: due to the COVID-19 lockdown’s across the world we have suspended summer and fall programs for 2020. We will inform you about our reopening as soon as the Thai government provides guidance. Just so you know more about our program, we are leaving up the following explanatory information but disabling the sign up buttons.
Come to Thailand and enter into a sacred season where you can hear from God, define your calling and hone your craft as a communicator. Our team of working professionals will train and mentor you.
You won’t be alone, either. At Medialight, you’ll be amazed at the warmth and freedom of a lively multinational community that has the same passion as you to reach their nations.

Our Simple 3-Step System


Strengthen your spiritual core. Learn who you are in Christ and what role you were born to play in God’s big plan to save the earth and its people. Then you can engage your calling with confidence and see lives changed.


Unlock your creative potential. Missions should be the most innovative space in the church. You’ll learn to work in a team to produce gospel media that is fresh and creative.


Master a media skillset. You’ll learn the workflow used by Hollywood storytellers and develop excellent communication and story crafting skills. Media will become your megaphone once you know how to unlock its amazing potential.



We’re here to unlock your communication ability and launch you in a new powerful life of ministry armed with a whole arsenal of new storytelling tools. This is not a classroom-bound program. One of our core values is to learn by doing. You’ll have professional equipment in your hands from the first week.

How to release your creativity
How to develop your personal presence and speaking voice
How to organize and lead a media ministry
How to create emotional images on smartphones and DSLR cameras
How to use media for evangelistic outreach
How to tell stories visually
How to work in a team to produce high quality video
How to organize social media campaigns
How to capture powerful true life testimonies on video
How to produce high quality media on a limited budget
How to use the power of media to move people to action
Audio production
Photo Editing
Video editing
Video production roles and workflow
Documentary filmmaking
and much more…



Too many creative, young Christians spend their lives without ever discovering their full potential. They can’t really find their place, mostly because they never had anyone show them how to refine their gifts into something purposeful.


We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we started Medialight. For the past eight years, we’ve been training young Christians like you from Atlanta to Addis Abbaba so that they can become the messengers this world is searching for today.


You might think this intensive kind of personalized training experience would be as expensive as a semester at a film school, but we’re doing our best to keep costs low so you can get the training you need for your life’s mission.

You’ll get…

Nine weeks of hands-on training, equipment provided
A sacred season of personal growth
A healthy and active learning environment
Attentive mentors to guide you into clarity and competence
Introduction to a thriving community of Christian artists and media creators
A professional skillset so you can impact the world through media
Time away from your busy life to pray, worship and think
Delicious local food and lodging
The opportunity to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world
The privilege of building lifetime friendships with amazing people from around the world

All for a price of US $2,800 per person.

This covers all room, board, tuition, equipment rental and in-country travel to explore the beauty of Thailand’s elephants, mountains, waterfalls, and tribal communities. (That’s less than one three-hour class in many secular media programs.)  We have held this price as long as we can and, inevitably, the price will increase, but is available again for this term. The cost will never be this low again.
*Scholarship discounts available to students from developing countries on a case by case basis.


Medialight is an invitation-only program.
If you are interested in applying we urge you
to apply early as the spaces fill up quickly.
You can change lives through media. Find out how our live school
in Thailand can help you become the media messenger
this generation is searching for.

Come on! We’re waiting for you in Thailand!