Thread Season 3 Episode 32: Why God needs you to re-write a person's life

Alumni Spotlight: Haley Darby – DeltaLow

Meet the Media Light alumni who, after graduating, turned her photography skills into a business.

Haley Darby- brilliant photographer, talented barista, fashion icon and all around one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
ML 8.0 Grad
Currently Living in: Mobile, Alabama USA


What was your favorite part of MediaLight?

“My favorite part about MediaLight was the community aspect of the small group environment. It’s easy to learn when you are in a good community of people. I was surrounded by people who were learning to selflessly love. It was such a safe environment.”


What was the biggest thing you learned while you were at ML?


“Before I went to ML I had been doing photography for a while. Going into Ml I thought I knew it all. While being there I learned how to learn from other people. Drew or Jonny would correct my photography and I had never had anyone critique it before. ML taught me how to learn, how to grow.”



What was the biggest thing that happened to you?


“I got engaged! My boyfriend at the time flew to Thailand to surprise me just before our student retreat and proposed to me a Chivit Thammada.”


For a lot of our ML grads, going back home after school tends to be difficult. What was it like for you going back to Alabama?


“It was a weird season for me. When I went back home I wanted to pursue photography as my career, but people were expecting me to get a “real job.” It made me underestimate my photography. After I got married, we ended up moving to a new city and I didn’t pick up my camera at all. I got what I thought was a ‘real job’ and I stopped taking photos all together.

But then my husband told me I just needed to decide what I wanted to do and commit fully to whatever I decide to do.  So I asked myself ‘What have I loved since the beginning?’

I had been taking pictures for years and years. Im wanted to pursue this. MediaLight brought out all the gifts I didn’t know about myself.

When you are at home sometimes people don’t call out what they see in you thats good. When I started up my photography again, people saw a difference in the quality of my work. And so I started doing photography full time.

I started my own photography company called Delta Low – Delta means to change. Low is talking about the south, where I live. My goal is to photograph change in the south.

We’ve been featured in a magazine article by Bellum – a magazine that’s focus is to open up the minds of the south to art, culture, etc.


Check out DeltaLow on Instagram


What do you love about photography?


“I love portrait photography. After I show my clients their photos, they’ll come up to me and ask “wow! how did you make me look like that?” I never photoshop my photos. I want to show people the beauty in themselves, to portray what I see in them through a picture and help them see it as well. My goal is to use my business to share the Gospel because photography give me so many intimate interactions with people. People will ask questions that are open doors for me to share. I try to use these interactions with my clients to challenge their creativity, to talk about their family, to reach out to them.”


What projects have you been up to lately?


“I just photographed my first natural birth. I have photographed hospital and home births before, but this natural birth was the scariest and worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I’m also going on a photography mission trip to Uganda in July. I am going to take photos of the Sudanese refugees, to take their portraits and show them the beauty that’s within them. I believe in art therapy.”


What’s been your biggest struggle as a full time photographer?


“ I think the biggest fear with being a full time photographer is that you are constantly relying on God to provide for you. For 2018 I only have one shoot booked. I think my biggest prayer right now is opportunities to partner with different organizations in my area. I want to help everybody, but this year I need to be clearly defined about who I need to help. And I want to be more of a giver with my gift and know where to dedicate my energies.”


How can we as a community of ML grads best help you?


“My computer crashed. I need a computer in order to work and right now my Church is allowing me to go into their staff room and borrow their computer for work a couple hours a week.”


So if anyone has an extra Macbook that you want to send to Haley, here’s her email:


Thank you Haley for sharing with us what you have been up to and keeping us inspired to create more!


Thread Season 3 Episode 32: Why God needs you to re-write a person's life
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