10 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Your Life

1. Declutter your workspace—your life in general, your time, etc., but especially the place where you make things. You need a place that says to you, “Its time to make something”.
2. Close out digital voices: Digital media, and especially social media, is a great source of distraction on our ability to focus our minds on anything else. Much research has been done on the effects of being exposed to an endless stream of digital content. See this article and so many more.
3. Stop multitasking. Many experts believe that multitasking is the #1 enemy of the creative mind. It damages your brain, causes you to lose focus and lowers your overall work quality.
4. Wake up early. Ben Franklin said it and  millions have proved him right.
5. Get alone. Creativity requires a certain amount of solitude.
6. Keep a daily routine. True creatives, i.e., not those who love pink shirts, but those who actually create a huge body of work through their life are orderly people. Systems, schedules and rituals help the mind prepare better ideas for you when creative time rolls around with cyclic regularity.
7. Establish good creative habits like a daily “maker’s hour” when you make something, anything.
8. Read more. Reading, not watching or listening but actual reading does something to the brain’s ability to go deep in conceptualization.
9. Take naps.  Fatigue is a creativity killer.
10. Get outside your normal life and social circle to change your perspective.

Chuck Quinley
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