Hey, what are you doing this summer?

How about a Summer Media & Missions
program in Thailand!!!

Ready for an EPIC adventure? Sixteen action-packed days in Thailand! Here, you’ll be mentored by working media professionals and career missionaries who are passionate about Jesus and using their gifts to share the gospel to reach others.
At Medialight you’ll learn to produce professional-quality videos and photos using the camera you know best, your mobile device, so you can tell stories that change the lives of others. Smartphone technology is now so advanced that major news reporters routinely trust their cellphones to carry the latest breaking stories to millions of viewers. 


You’ll learn how to use professional apps, affordable microphones, and mastery of the rules of photography. This will change you from being just a media consumer to a media producer.  Screen time per person around the world now averages over 8 hours a day. This is the skill you need to be if you or your organization have a message you want to get to people around the world.
You’ll also have the chance to explore the beauty of Thailand: blasting up the Mae Kok river in a long-tail motor-canoe, feeding elephants by hand, and exploring Chiang Rai, an ancient city that is now a tourist wonderland of Northern Thailand. 
But most importantly, you’ll walk away a more confident and effective communicator for wherever it is God takes you next.

What You will Learn

  • How to find your natural speaking voice so you’ll have that radio quality sound
  • How to become a confident presenter on camera
  • How to get professional-looking photos from your mobile device by following the rules of photography that guide the world’s best travel journalists
  • How to shoot high-quality mobile video by using the same apps as Academy Award-winning director, Steven Soderbergh in his latest two films (shot entirely on an iPhone)
  • How to tell powerful visual stories that move people to action
  • How to improve your technique in shooting photos and videos with mobile devices.
  • How to improve your skills as a communicator, online and in person

Medialight helps you gain awareness of life in the spiritual world of SE Asia and builds you up with communication skills that will help you in your calling or career no matter where the Lord takes you.

In addition to all this, you get access to our online mobile videography course for FREE so you can prepare yourself before you even get to class.

For two weeks, you’ll be able to feed your soul with worship and God’s word every morning and make amazing new friends you’ll never meet otherwise…Plus, get in shape with daily workouts and ultimate frisbee…

We really hope to see you this Summer in Thailand! It will be good for you.

Dates:  July 20-August 4, 2019

(You’ll need to leave a day on each end for travel and recovery to and from the USA.
Don’t sweat it or book anything yet. After you are accepted we’ll help you plan your flights.)

16 INCREDIBLE days in Thailand for only $1195
+ non-refundable $50 registration fee

**Discounted fees for those from developing nations and Thailand. See the bottom of this page**

Comparable Summer Missions exposure trips cost thousands of dollars more.

Course fee includes…

  1. Airport pickup and dropoff in Chiang Rai
  2. Training from working media professionals and career missionaries
  3. Lodging 
  4. Delicious Thai Food
  5. In-school transportation to ministry and adventure sites.
  6. Use of Mobile Journalism production equipment (bring your own mobile phone and we’ll train you to use it to its highest potential)
  7. Enjoy the extreme experience of a Thai long-tail boat ride
  8. See the world from the back of an elephant or feed these gentle giants by hand

*Airfare to Thailand, personal medical expenses and any private tourism before or after Medialight are not included. You’ll need to book these for yourself, but we’ll guide you to the best deals.*

Space is limited to 20 participants so if you intend to come, you’d better move quickly.
**If you are not from USA, Europe, Singapore, Japan, or Korea we offer a developing nations discount. Register by clicking here.**
**If you live in Thailand email us at medialightasia@gmail.com to register.   This is our way of giving back to Thailand for allowing us to host the Medialight Asia program there.**