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MediaLight is an innovative program led by experienced, credible professionals in the media industry. Our passion is to see media missionaries raised up who can deliver the gospel to this generation through the language of media. Maybe that person is you. Join students from many other Asian nations for our English-based training in professional video production, radio, graphics & new media. The program runs as a ten week intensive that will give you the skills you need to produce media that has impact on your nation.

Similar programs cost $5000-10,000 but we have done our best to limit our costs because we know how tight finances can be. Our cost for tuition, room and all food is US$2,800 plus a refundable $300 equipment damage fee. (Don’t break or lose anything and you will get all of this back). English is our language of instruction. All students must demonstrate proficiency in English to enroll.

Students from developing Asian nations (all nations except Korea, Japan and Singapore) can apply for a scholarship of up to 50%. Upon your acceptance, MediaLight’s parent charity, Emerge Missions, Inc. will raise donations to cover $1,400 of your tuition, room and board leaving scholarshipped students with a bill of $1,400 plus your refundable breakage fee of $300. We have kept cost low for you because we believe in your place in God’s plans for the nations to be reached.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Download ML Application Form
  2. Complete the application form and email it back to us at medialightasia@gmail.com
  3. Pay the $50 USD processing fee online by going to the next tab “PAY THE PROCESSING FEE” . (Just type $50 in the blank and “processing fee” in the memo section.) We cannot process your application form without this payment. Once the application form have been processed we will schedule a skype meeting with you via email. This is the last step of enrollment.
  4. You will then receive an email from MediaLight about the status of your enrollment. Should you be accepted all school fees are to be paid full upon your arrival in Chiang Rai. (Avail of the 5% discount by paying all fees in advance online).
  5. Begin to research the best deals on airfares and the visa requirements for your nation. Students are responsible for obtaining their own 3 month visitors/tourist visa. Check with your local Thai consulate for details.

Enrollment for MediaLight 7.0 is now open for the Sept. 28-Nov. 28 2015 session. Class size is small (16 max.) and slots will fill quickly, so if you are interested you can email us at medialightasia@gmail.com to be included in our program updates.

*Equipment & software used for training: Canon 60D & Adobe Premiere.

PAY $350 USD

You can pay for your $50 USD processing fee and the $300 USD refundable breakage fee securely online by clicking this button.


You can pay for your $2,800 USD tuition fee securely online by clicking this button.


You can pay for a scholar's $2,800 USD tuition fee securely online by clicking this button.

You can change the course of a student’s life by providing the tuition for their training. This certification opens a lifetime career in media and they receive it in only 10 weeks. We have had students hired within days of returning home because of the new expertise they gained at Medialight. They live as salt and light in the movie industry in their lands or run media outreach teams in churches and non-profit organizations.

A full tuition is $2,800. This includes tuition, food and lodging, equipment use and cultural exposure trips for the student. Everything they need to start a new life in media for just $2,800. Whether you can do part of all of a tuition grant, your gift has the power to change a student’s direction for the rest of their life.

Everything we are able to do for the people of Asia comes from our partnership with our donors. Our records are carefully maintained by a CPA in Atlanta, Ga.

Although Asia and the surrounding region has 95% of the world’s unreached people it receives only 4% of missions giving and missionary efforts.

Click the button to make a Gift to Medialight for a Student’s Tuition:

You can also mail checks made out to “Emerge Missions Inc.” to:

Emerge Missions, Inc.
3444 Hampreston Way
Kennesaw, GA 30144

About us

Medialight Institute is a pioneer in the training of media missionaries. Our intensive ten week program in Chiang Rai, Thailand, will teach you how to plan, shoot, edit and release high quality media messages so the Truth can penetrate your culture.

Medialight graduates from over twenty countries are already shining Gospel light into their nations. In just ten weeks you can too!

Not only will you learn how to produce media at a much higher level, Medialight will also help you build your spiritual core, equip you to be a team leader and equip you with powerful tools for running your personal life. We’ll teach you how to “speak media” and create professional-quality video for outreach and discipleship.

Our team

We LOVE to teach media!



    Producer & Coordinator of MediaLight Online Campus


    Training Partners: Radio, voicing, audio, & blogging


    Training Partners: Production, Directing & Filming


    Training Partners: Graphics & Animation


    Training Coordinator, Registrar, & Public Relations Head


    Media Trainer


    Directors of Communications


    Founders & Directors

Genaye (Ethiopia): MediaLight is a life changing experience that opened my eyes to God’s plan for my life. It gave me clarity on my life questions, which was like putting pieces of life puzzle together, and looking back on how it all makes sense. MediaLight is not just a school where you will be equipped with technical and theoretical knowledge, it is also a family filled with unconditional love.

Lek (Thailand): MediaLight helped me see the door into media as ministry. When God opened the door I could step through it because I knew how to do it properly. In my time at MediaLight I gained a spiritual life to strengthen me so I can do this ministry today.

Daniel (Sri Lanka): MediaLight changed my life! That is what it has done to me. It gave me confidence to take risks and confidence in myself, it brought me closer to God and to know who I am. It has given me new skills and opportunities, not to mention the hands-on training.

Annmarie (USA): Thank YOU for your prayers and all the time that you spent investing in me. I appreciate it so much. I’m not sure I could adequately express what it meant to be able to spend those 10 weeks with you guys. You’ve impacted my life. I’ll never forget the experiences there.



God needs Media Missionaries.

Today’s world speaks a new global language–Media!  You could be the one to translate God’s message into music, videos and other media forms so the power of the gospel can rock your generation and bring them new life.


You need the skills.

Low quality church media is a huge turn off. Modern audiences have sophisticated media tastes. Our Medialight facilities and teachers are called to equip you with the skills you’ll need.


We are Affordable and Accessible.

Fees at 50% discount covering food, lodging, equipment rental, tuition—and elephant riding (We are in Thailand after all). Curriculum runs in an intensive 10-week season only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training look like?

Modern missions requires modern methods. MediaLight is an innovative and intensive media training program designed to give students the skills they need to be competent media missionaries. Our program is holistic. While learning professional media production, students are also grounded in the essential teachings of Jesus Christ and coached on building up their own spiritual core and managing their personal lives. You will be amazed at how much you can grow in only eight weeks!

Holistic Approach. Every morning we open with worship and the “God session” a time in God’s word focused on the teachings of Jesus. Then it’s the “You session” where we gain insights on relationships, sex, leadership & money management (to name a few) and explore the meaning behind our own life’s story.

After morning tea we shift the curriculum to media studies and learn under the oversight of seasoned professionals from around the world. MediaLight believes that we learn by doing so students stay busy working on a variety media projects in tribal villages, universities and city streets.

Hand on Training: Modern Missions, Modern Methods. From the first week, students are immersed in media production training at the hands of skilled professional radio and video producers. Scriptwriting, camera, directing, sound crafting, and editing with Adobe Premiere–we cover it all. We also include training in topics such as graphic design, radio programming, blogging and the use of social networks, and photography.

Students return to their home mission field with a renewed zeal, vastly-improved competence in media work and a widely diverse network of co-producers. Now they are more able to effectively deliver the gospel to their generation.

How much does it cost?

Similar programs cost $5,000-$10,000 but we have done our best to limit our costs because we know how tight finances can be. Our cost for tuition, room and all food is US$2,800 plus a refundable $300 equipment damage fee. (Don’t break or lose anything and you will get all of this back). English is our language of instruction. All students must demonstrate proficiency in English to enroll.

50% Discount Scholarships! See below!

Students from developing Asian nations (all nations except Korea, Japan and Singapore) can apply for a scholarship of up to 50%. Upon your acceptance, MediaLight’s parent charity, Emerge Missions, Inc. will raise donations to cover the remaining tuition, room and board. Leaving scholarshipped students with a personal bill of the remaining balance plus your refundable breakage fee of $300. We have kept cost low for you because we believe in your place in God’s plans for the nations to be reached.

Where do you get your teachers?

Medialight uses working professionals from all over the world as our trainers. If an instructor trains in photography, for example, you can rest assured that they have real world experience as a professional photographer. Two of our staff just returned from their advanced studies in UCLA’s extension film program. We’re all trained, experience and we keep growing because things are changing all the time.

Can I teach for you?

If you are a committed Christian with years of experience in some aspect of professional media production and a gift for teaching let’s get to know each other and see if there’s a fit. Just email your resume to medialightasia@gmail.com with a note introducing yourself and we’ll get back to you.

How do I enroll?

Click here to register. You will receive an email confirmation with the application form. Remember, slots are limited so be sure to sign up soon.

Will I need fancy equipment throughout the training?

We train on pro-sumer level Canon DSLR’s. We have enough equipment at the school for students to learn to shoot and edit professional-grade video. However, if you would like to bring the camera you will be working on and also bring your own laptop that would be great. You can learn on the same gear you will be using. If you haven’t bought anything yet please contact us for suggestions. We will give you a list of the same gear we use here. It’s high quality without being ultra-expensive.

How long will the program take?

The program takes 10 weeks to complete.

Will I get a certificate after the training?

Of course, we want all our graduates to be able put our proudly on your wall and it may help you with that job interview when you get back home.

Do I have to speak English well?

All training is done in English. We will conduct a Skype interview with all students to insure their ability to converse and comprehend English conversation. If you can read and understand everything on this site your English is good enough for us.

Where will I sleep?

All students sleep in our two cozy dorms at Medialight. You will sleep in bunks in air-conditioned rooms with at least three others in your room. The by-product of this arrangement is a deep level of community that is one of the hallmarks of life at Medialight.

Will I get to see Thailand?

We will do a pretty impressive amount of touring in connection with your program. Students ride elephants, have a chance to hold a python weighing 80 kilos, sleep with a mountain tribe family and spend a few days in the tourist capital of the North, Chiang Mai. All thrown in at no extra charge.

How much free time will I have during the program?

Not much. We work 12 hour days, six days a week for the duration of the program. We log as many contact hours as a university student taking an overload of 18 semester units for a year. We do believe in keeping a sabbath though so Sundays are free days. We worship together in the evenings. Besides that you have two free personal hours in the middle of the day, but these are often taken up with informal planning meetings between yourself and your team so plan to work hard for ten weeks and reward yourself afterward.

Can I stay over and tour Thailand after school?

The campus is closed and locked the day after school ends to allow the staff to go away on a retreat. All students must vacate the campus but are free (within the bounds of the remaining time of their visas) to vacation on their own afterward. Please understand that the school staff cannot assist with transportation or any other arrangements for your personal travel. Enjoy your time alone or go with some of your friends and enjoy the beaches and waterfalls of beautiful Thailand.

What if I’ve never touched a professional camera before?

This happens all the time. We have had many students who had never done any media work before who turn out to be excellent media producers by the time we get through with you. Just ask Josiah who got hired as an editor in Bollywood on the flight back home to India after his training. He had no prior experience but after Medialight training was able to impress his examiner enough to land his first media job.

Can you prepare a special diet for me?

Thai food is famous all over the world. Our cook makes excellent, mouth-watering dishes. We cook in two levels of spice: mild and zippy. We cannot accommodate special dietary requests beyond that.


We will place info regarding visas soon.

Is there an age limit?

Most of our students are in their 20’s and 30’s but we have had them as high as 50 before and he was awesome. It’s more about whether you truly feel that God is leading you to develop media communication skills for the sake of the Gospel.

Am I too good looking to come to Medialight?

Nope, we’re all pretty good looking too. We’ll make a space for you on the runway.


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