“Medialight exists to fuel a global movement of Christian creatives who take the gospel to the nations through song, image, video, story, word and art.”

Because most unreached people are under 30 and spend 8-10 hours a day online, God is raising up a new kind of messenger, one connected to culture enough to be effective and one with the skills to communicate powerfully using all of today’s amazing media tools. No matter what you’re involved in as ministry these days, media communications will be a part.   These messengers aren’t content to just, “do church.”  They want to see lives changed!


We’re here to train those people.


How we’re different…


  • We’re a missions school with a media emphasis.
  • Staff and students are international, 40 nations so far, and counting.
  • Our headquarters is in Asia.
  • We believe that “Creativity is worship” and that followers of Jesus should be known as the most free, out-of-the-box thinkers and artists in the world. That’s why we keep stretching ourselves.
  • We’re an international army of writers, graphic artists, musicians, church planters, photographers, & movie makers.
  • We are learners and trainers. All of us are growing in our craft.
  • We have live training opportunities at our beautiful, new home base in Northern Thailand and affordable online training that is available at medialightonline.com.

We hope you’ll become a member of the community. It would be great to get to know you.

Welcome to MediaLight!

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