You love Jesus and feel called to represent him to your world.
The problem is—you haven’t really found a place in ministry that fits.


The standard roles feel outdated,
and you’ve noticed that it seems to be


the artists, musicians, and filmmakers of the world
who have everyone’s attention today.


Media training for mission?
But where can you find it?
Here, of course.
We’re creatives on a mission.

Discover how MediaLight helped Ria find her

voice as God’s messenger.

Our Simple Three Step System


Strengthen your spiritual core. Learn who you are in Christ and what role you were born to play in God’s big plan to save the people of earth. Then you can engage your calling with confidence and change lives.


Unlock your creative potential. Learn the workflow used by thriving artists around the world.  Develop teamwork and leadership skills. Manage your personal life like a pro.


Master a professional media skillset. You’ll learn a new set of communication and storytelling skills that will boost your ability to impact others with the Gospel. Media will become your megaphone once you know how to unlock it’s amazing potential.


(In Thailand)

Nine weeks of hands-on training at the Medialight Creativity Center in Northern Thailand. Know the confidence that comes by being well trained for your life’s mission.


(anywhere in the world)

Access the Medialight experience wherever you are in the world. Move ahead at your own pace or join a cohort and complete your training teamed up with others like you from around the world.


  • 1. Declutter your workspace—your life in general, your time, etc., but especially the place where you make things. You need a place that says to you, “Its time to make something”. 2. Close out digital voices: Digital media, and especially social media, is a great source of distraction on our......

  • Video update on the construction of our new school building! We are so excited about this project and for all that God will do in the future here! A post shared by MediaLight Asia (@medialightasia) on Dec 9, 2017 at 12:10am PST...

  • Through exploring the stories of the ancient land of Ethiopia, discussing on how Christianity meets myth, learning about the current need of missions in Ethiopia, and God’s heart for missions blended with practical media sessions; ML Ethiopia conducted its first four-day workshop in Debrezeit, Ethiopia. On the training conducted on......


Join us now for Season 3: “Entering a Life of Ministry”

Thread is a verse-by-verse Bible study for leaders.

Solid teaching to build spiritual muscle.

Who knows where this will lead you?